Axxess and Stacy Olinger Consulting Forge Strategic Partnership to Transform Care-at-Home Services

Axxess, a global technology leader in healthcare at home, and Stacy Olinger Consulting, renowned for human-centric strategies in healthcare, have joined forces to redefine care-at-home services. This innovative partnership leverages Axxess's cutting-edge technology and Stacy Olinger's unique approach, empowering care providers to deliver exceptional and compassionate healthcare in the comfort of patients' homes.

Stacy Olinger, Founder, and CEO of Stacy Olinger Consulting expressed, "Our partnership with Axxess highlights our shared commitment to putting people first. By combining our focus on human-centered strategies with innovative technology, we are able to give care teams more time at the bedside, improve satisfaction, optimize organizational efficiency, and create sustainable and scalable growth solutions. Together, we can move healthcare from mere survival to thriving, ensuring the future of healthcare is in the home."

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Olinger's extensive background combines clinical insights, strategic foresight, and financial acumen, enriched by a deep understanding of technology, AI, and electronic health records systems. Her unique perspective spans from the bedside to the C-suite, bringing a holistic and practical approach to healthcare solutions.

Chris Taylor, Senior Vice President of Channel Partnerships at Axxess, emphasized the transformative impact of the collaboration, stating, "By combining cutting-edge technology with Stacy's practical clinical implementation experience, Axxess clients can improve care outcomes, enhance organizational culture, and drive sustainable growth to meet the demand for care-at-home services."

Axxess stands as the global leader in healthcare technology at home, focusing on solving the industry's most complex challenges. Trusted by over 9,000 organizations serving more than 5 million patients worldwide, it provides a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use software solutions. The company's commitment to innovation and excellence is reinforced by multiple independent certifications, confirming the security and industry compliance of its software.

Stacy Olinger Consulting, represented by, is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare by reintroducing the human element alongside AI and technology. Their 3D approach—Discover, Design, Deliver—delves deep into healthcare complexities, aligning strategies with people's needs to amplify results. Focused on Healthcare Technology, Operations, Leadership Training, and Human-Centered Design, the consultancy pioneers breakthroughs in home care, post-acute throughput, and chronic illness service lines.

Custom engagements offered by Stacy Olinger Consulting cater to Leadership Burnout Prevention, Lean Operating Systems, Palliative Care, Revenue Cycle Optimization, and more. Rooted in a human-centered, future-driven, and data-centric philosophy, the consultancy aims to reshape the landscape of healthcare by fostering innovation, excellence, and a renewed focus on patient well-being.

The strategic partnership between Axxess and Stacy Olinger Consulting marks a crucial step towards revolutionizing care-at-home services, bringing together technology and human-centric strategies to create a healthcare environment that is not only efficient but also deeply compassionate.