Bain Capital Eyes SoftwareOne Acquisition Amidst Shareholder Turmoil

Bain Capital is reportedly considering a renewed bid for SoftwareOne Holding AG following the potential ousting of the Swiss company's board of directors. The founding shareholders, Daniel von Stockar, Beat Curti, and René Gilli, who previously collaborated with Bain Capital on a bid, aim to replace the board with their candidates at the shareholder meeting on April 18, 2024. SoftwareOne had rejected a $3.5 billion takeover offer from Bain Capital in January 2024, leading to a decline in stock value. Despite the dissolution of the collaboration agreement between the founders and Bain Capital, there is speculation that a deal could be resurrected post the April meeting.

The software firm's shareholders dissolved the pact with Bain Capital due to SoftwareOne's alleged use of "flimsy, unfounded legal arguments." The founders, holding a 29% stake and the largest investor, assert that the rejected proposal at 18.80 francs per share should have been presented to shareholders. Amidst accusations of the current board hindering progress and impeding the business's growth, the founding shareholders believe that SoftwareOne's optimal path to the next phase of growth lies in a private context. While representatives from Bain and SoftwareOne declined to comment, the founders remain confident in securing sufficient shareholder votes for the upcoming meeting.

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