Bain & Company Achieves Platinum Carbon Integrity Claim, Paving the Way for High-Quality Voluntary Carbon Markets

Global consultancy Bain & Company has achieved the first platinum-tiered carbon integrity claim following guidelines from the Voluntary Carbon Market Integrity Initiative (VCMI). VCMI's Carbon Integrity Claims aim to bring credibility to the demand side of voluntary carbon markets. This platinum claim signifies Bain & Company's commitment to high-quality offsets, requiring the purchase and retirement of carbon credits equal to or greater than 100% of remaining emissions. The move is seen as a significant step in promoting a high-integrity voluntary carbon market, demonstrating the intersection of corporate decarbonization and the use of voluntary carbon markets in accelerating the transition to net-zero emissions.

The Carbon Integrity Claims, categorized into silver, gold, and platinum tiers, guide companies in showcasing their commitment to science-aligned emissions cuts and high-quality offsets. The platinum tier, achieved by Bain & Company, emphasizes the retirement of carbon credits exceeding 100% of remaining emissions, marking a milestone in corporate climate action. This development is crucial for building trust in the voluntary carbon market, which has faced scrutiny in recent years, with the VCMI expecting more companies to make integrity claims in the coming months, contributing to the recovery and credibility of the market.

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