Bain & Company Acquires PiperLab to Expand AI Offerings in EMEA

Bain & Company has acquired PiperLab, a Madrid-based provider of AI and ML solutions, bolstering Bain’s capabilities in advanced analytics and AI across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). The acquisition establishes a new hub under Bain’s global Advanced Analytics Group (AAG), enhancing the firm's AI practice and enabling a unified team to leverage Bain’s suite of AI products for client value.

PiperLab, founded in 2015, specializes in data-driven solutions to enhance operational efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. Now integrated into Bain’s AAG EMEA operations, PiperLab will collaborate with Bain to address complex business challenges at the intersection of data science and engineering, particularly focusing on the emerging landscape of generative AI. This acquisition aligns with Bain’s vision to create an analytics powerhouse in Europe, reinforcing the firm's commitment to delivering world-class AI initiatives and contributing to its global AAG efforts.

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