Bain & Company Releases NPSx, Offers Customer Experience Training & Certification

For over twenty years, the Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter System (NPS) have provided companies with a simple and transparent means of gauging customer and employee loyalty, as well as a way to motivate companies to focus more on improving their products and services. As companies continue the drive to create leading customer experiences, NPS’ inventor Bain & Company (Bain) is launching a new venture, known as NPSx, to provide training and certification.

Based on Bain’s extensive background in NPS and Customer Experience (CX) projects and the development of learning systems, NPSx will offer online, self-paced, on-demand, and interactive courses that will help customer-obsessed individuals and brands expand their CX and NPS knowledge, helping them to deliver top-notch experiences for their own customers. Each course will take a few hours to complete, and after the successful completion of at least five core courses and a certification exam, participants can register to obtain certification from Bain as a CX practitioner.

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"In today's world, customer expectations are changing rapidly and the CX function is evolving at the same pace," said Stanford Swinton, Executive Vice President and the founder of NPSx. "We want to enable practitioners and organizations to stay ahead of competition and drive growth through customer and employee advocacy. Our courses help companies build a purpose-led culture, set the right corporate standards and develop the most capable customer experience leaders in the industry."

The NPSx courses will help companies and their individual employees develop deep expertise in key CX disciplines, including CX and Net Promoter Score fundamentals, customer insights and analytics, earned growth and customer economics, customer experience design, and CX build and execution. Course participants and Bain-certified practitioners will also get access to an extensive digital community of peers and experts, helping participants to solve real-world customer challenges with the support of a community of CX leaders.

Building on decades of Bain’s multi-industry best practice experience and following on the success of their recent book “Winning on Purpose: The Unbeatable Strategy of Loving Customers,” NPSx is sure to help companies grow their skills and sharpen their focus on what matters most: satisfying customers.