Bain’s Strategic Investment in Automation Specialist Ashling Partners

Bain & Company, a renowned global management consulting firm, has recently established a strategic alliance with Ashling Partners, an automation consulting and implementation services provider based in Chicago. This partnership includes a direct investment by Bain in Ashling, which is supported by private equity firm THL.

Bain, with over 1,000 employees in its Vector division, has a track record of successfully completing more than 6,700 digital projects for clients across various industries and regions. The firm has gained expertise in automation, enabling it to offer strategic and operational guidance to clients seeking to develop and scale automation programs.

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By joining forces with Ashling Partners, Bain aims to combine its strategic and operational expertise with Ashling's technical proficiency and managed services to assist clients in optimizing their automation initiatives.

The alliance will leverage Bain's reputation as a global strategy leader and Ashling's capabilities to connect value streams more effectively using automation and artificial intelligence (AI) as the catalyst.

Ashling Partners, co-founded and co-led by Marshall Sied, possesses a deep understanding of automation and brings specialized knowledge in leveraging AI technologies. With this partnership, Ashling aims to capitalize on Bain's strategic approach and global reach to deliver even greater value to its clients, partners, and employees.

This investment by Bain in Ashling Partners signifies the consulting firm's commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital transformation landscape. Bain has been actively seeking collaborations with industry leaders, having announced a services alliance earlier this year with OpenAI, the organization responsible for the development of leading generative AI systems such as ChatGPT and DALL-E.

Through its strategic alliances with Ashling and OpenAI, Bain demonstrates its dedication to providing comprehensive solutions to clients seeking automation and AI-driven transformations.

By integrating its vast experience in strategy consulting and Ashling's technical expertise, Bain aims to guide organizations in implementing efficient automation programs and achieving impactful results.

The partnership between Bain & Company and Ashling Partners represents a significant milestone in the automation consulting and implementation space. With Bain's investment in Ashling and the synergies between the two firms, clients can expect enhanced capabilities in developing and scaling automation initiatives.