Booz Allen Debuts New Maryland 5G R&D Facility

Management and technology firm Booz Allen has made public the launch of a new secure test environment as part of an initiative to support its client work in developing new strategy and identifying new use cases for the nascent networking technology.

The new facility is Booz Allen’s latest investment in 5G technology, focused on building security into the very foundation of networks, devices, and apps. The firm plans to take a holistic approach to security that includes researching and developing capabilities to plan 5G strategies, build secure platforms, protect mobile networks and infrastructure, and research potential and identified vulnerabilities while providing tailored intelligence analysis.

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5G technology is continuing its explosive growth, with Gartner forecasting worldwide 5G network infrastructure revenue to grow 39% to nearly $49 billion in 2021. The U.S. still lags behind the rest of the world in 5G deployment, with both slow deployment and slower service speeds plaguing users eager for the promised revolution in connectivity. By focusing its substantial resources on developing new applications for government clients, Booz Allen is positioning itself as a strong partner in 5G technology development in the U.S.

"The same technology that improves operations can create new vulnerabilities that impede operations," said Chris Christou, Vice President at Booz Allen and leader of the firm's 5G portfolio. "This complex balance between operability and security is exactly why Booz Allen invested in a testing environment that allows us to research and develop new 5G-enabled platforms and lead customers' ongoing adoption of new technologies and capabilities, while keeping them secure."

The new test environment comes as part of a broader $1.7 billion, five-year Congressional directive to accelerate Department of Defense use of 5G and further the maturation of the technology in the private sector. In March, the firm announced that it had been selected along with others to support 5G integration and testing at five U.S. military locations as part of a $600 million contract, the largest full-scale testing of dual-use applications in the world to date.

As the U.S. works to catch up in developing and deploying the next-generation technology, Booz Allen will be at the forefront of helping clients take full advantage of faster, more secure, and more resilient networks.