Booz Allen Hamilton Collaborates with Workera to Enhance AI Skills Development

Booz Allen Hamilton, the largest provider of AI services to the federal government, has announced a collaboration with Workera, a leading workforce transformation platform, to advance AI skills development for Booz Allen employees. The collaboration aims to deploy Workera's platform for granular skills assessments and personalized learning plans in critical AI engineering and AI consulting skill areas. Booz Allen's employees working with government and commercial clients will benefit from tailored training to support the adoption of secure, responsible, and mission-driven AI solutions.

The partnership aligns with Booz Allen's commitment to enhancing the AI-ready posture of its workforce, providing the skills and training needed to deliver impactful AI solutions. The federal sector's increasing interest in a skills-based future underscores the importance of developing technical talent to drive government adoption of emerging technology. Booz Allen aims to empower its workforce with the expertise to address complex challenges while upholding safety, security, and trustworthiness standards.

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Workera's workforce transformation platform utilizes a comprehensive skills dataset to assess an individual's proficiency across more than 10,000 distinct skills, including machine learning, data science, and cybersecurity. The platform generates hyper-personalized adaptive learning plans, incorporating internal and external content sources to ensure effective skill development. It provides organizations with visibility into employee proficiency, progress, and benchmarking, enabling leaders to make informed decisions related to team staffing and innovation.

Kian Katanforoosh, CEO and Founder of Workera, expressed excitement about bringing the platform to Booz Allen, emphasizing the importance of equipping diverse workforces with AI-related skills. Workera's platform offers both individualized training and organizational insights, supporting rapid skill improvement and informed decision-making by leaders.

Joe Rohner, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at Booz Allen, highlighted the significant growth in demand for AI services and solutions from federal government and commercial clients. Booz Allen's role as a leading provider of AI services positions the company to bring innovation to clients, and the Workera platform serves as a valuable component in ensuring practitioners have the necessary skills and expertise.

The collaboration follows Workera's successful Series B financing round, raising $23.5 million earlier this year. Booz Allen's commitment to enhancing AI capabilities aligns with the broader industry trend of prioritizing workforce skills development to meet the demands of emerging technologies, particularly AI and machine learning.