Booz Allen Hamilton Launches Comprehensive AI Upskilling Program

Booz Allen Hamilton, a top provider of AI services to the federal government, has launched an extensive AI upskilling program for its 34,000 employees. Securing $500 to $700 million in government AI contracts in fiscal year 2024, the firm aims to empower its workforce with essential AI expertise. The AI Ready program, initiated in October 2023, commences with foundational courses—AI Aware, a brief introduction, and AI Foundational, a detailed eight-hour session. Following these, employees can opt for either an engineering or non-engineering track, broadening access to AI proficiency across roles.

The non-engineering track, tailored for consultants, focuses on communication, generative AI utilization, data storytelling, and leadership in digital transformation. This initiative holds significance in addressing gender imbalance in tech, where women are notably underrepresented. By offering strategic AI training, Booz Allen endeavors to cultivate an inclusive workforce, enabling employees to acquire AI skills without prerequisite advanced math or coding knowledge. Yvette Wolfe, a Booz Allen data scientist, emphasizes the program’s aim to foster AI proficiency irrespective of starting points, signaling the company's commitment to shaping a diverse and adept workforce for the AI era.

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