Booz Allen Hamilton Secures $10 Million Contract for 5G Network Implementation in Guam

Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading consulting firm, has announced a significant milestone with the award of a two-year, $10 million contract from the U.S. Navy. The contract entails the design, implementation, testing, and operation of a private 5G cellular network and asset tracking solution in Guam. This marks the company’s inaugural full-scale 5G implementation in the Indo-Pacific region, showcasing the firm's commitment to advancing technological solutions for defense and security.

The primary objective of the contract is to enhance communication, logistics, maintenance, and secure operations for the Navy and the Department of Defense (DOD) in the region. By developing a robust 5G network, Booz Allen aims to empower the United States, its partners, and allies to responsibly compete and defend shared interests in the Indo-Pacific, fostering a common vision for the future.

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The private 5G network will be tailored to serve the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PHNSY & IMF) Detachment Naval Base Guam (NBG). Booz Allen will lead this venture as the prime technology innovator and integrator, collaborating with partners from the 5G, telecom, IoT, and smart warehousing industries.

The technical approach for the project will leverage insights gained from the company's ongoing DOD 5G initiatives, ensuring maximum efficiency. Additionally, the application of zero-trust design principles will be integral to securing NBG's 5G infrastructure. Noteworthy measures include the implementation of robust RFID asset tagging on equipment and inventory, modernizing Navy logistics capabilities.

Booz Allen's strategic focus aligns with the evolving defense priorities in the Indo-Pacific region, characterized by synchronous intelligence gathering, integration of key partners and allies, and coordinated command and control for decision advantage. With over 400 employees strategically positioned in the Indo-Pacific region, including Guam, Japan, and Korea, Booz Allen has been investing in regional resources for decades, cultivating top-tier talent and technology solutions in AI, systems delivery, cyber, and now 5G.

Jandria Alexander, Vice President at Booz Allen and Business Leader for Cybersecurity and Cross-Market Technology Innovation, emphasized the significance of the project, stating, "The deployment of secure 5G capabilities in Guam is critical to national security and aligns with the Navy’s 5G strategy."

Chris Christou, Senior Vice President at Booz Allen and Leader of the firm’s 5G, Cloud, and Edge Portfolio, highlighted the firm's position as a key 5G innovator and integrator. He expressed confidence in Booz Allen's ability to overcome the challenges presented by geographically dispersed landscapes like Guam, emphasizing the need for next-generation network solutions for all domain command and control in the Indo-Pacific region. This project further solidifies Booz Allen's role in advancing innovative solutions for complex defense challenges.