Booz Allen Hires NASA Veteran Tom Whitmeyer as Executive Advisor, Elevating Space Business Strategy

Booz Allen Hamilton, a prominent consulting firm renowned for its innovation and expertise, has welcomed esteemed NASA veteran Tom Whitmeyer into its ranks as an executive advisor for its space business. With an extensive background in space missions and strategic planning, Whitmeyer is poised to lead Booz Allen's foray into space endeavors, guiding initiatives that encompass NASA, NOAA, and the Space Force.

Having held the position of NASA's Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate deputy associate administrator, Whitmeyer boasts an impressive track record of overseeing critical programs such as SLS, Orion, and EGS. His leadership in program integration and executive roles, alongside his involvement in the preparation and design of the Artemis I mission, underscores his credentials as an industry leader.

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In a statement, Whitmeyer emphasized the importance of his new role, stating, "I join Booz Allen at a critical time to further the nation's space domain authority, continuing to secure, shape, and scale the future of space technology—and I'm pleased to bring my past experiences and skillset to this new role." He recognizes the evolving landscape of the space market, which is rife with new risks, challenges, and opportunities, and aims to leverage data-driven decision-making to address these issues effectively.

Booz Allen's involvement in the space sector has spanned over five decades, encompassing support for the International Space Station, the modernization of NASA's infrastructure, and contributions to Artemis missions. The firm's expertise extends to cybersecurity and privacy solutions, as evidenced by its winning the NASA CyPrESS contract.

Booz Allen's strategic approach revolves around harnessing the power of data to address complex challenges in space exploration. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, engineering, AI, and cybersecurity expertise, the firm aligns its efforts with the nation's civil, defense, and national security priorities. Their commitment to delivering meaningful solutions is underpinned by over a century of strategic consulting experience, positioning them as trailblazers in the industry.

With a global workforce of 31,100 employees and revenue of $8.4 billion in 2022, Booz Allen continues to exemplify its dedication to Empowering People to Change the World®. Tom Whitmeyer's inclusion as an executive advisor underscores the company's commitment to pioneering space exploration strategies and leveraging data-driven insights to drive the future of space technology forward. As the space market evolves, Booz Allen's leadership remains steadfast in its mission to shape the course of space exploration and secure the nation's space domain authority.