Capgemini Is in the Forefront of Digital Transformation, Using Generative AI to Empower Businesses

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital transformation, Capgemini, a leading Data and AI company, is spearheading innovation with its comprehensive generative

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AI capabilities. With a wealth of industry experience and industrialized delivery assets, Capgemini is poised to assist clients in their next phase of technological advancement.

Recognizing the surging demand for generative AI solutions, Capgemini is unveiling a specialized portfolio of services that cater to various industries. Their "Generative AI strategy" empowers CXOs to identify and prioritize relevant use cases, demonstrating tangible value while building a strong foundation for scaling investments and mitigating risks.

Capgemini's commitment to enhancing customer experience is evident in their "Generative AI for Customer Experience" offering, which comprises four dedicated AI assistants. From synthetic design assistants to personalized chatbots and content and knowledge assistants, these cutting-edge solutions elevate customer interactions, improve sales team performance, and enrich overall experiences.

In the domain of Software Engineering, Capgemini's Generative AI provides a competitive edge by accelerating time to market for new software, enhancing efficiency and quality across the software life cycle, and reducing technical debt. This AI-driven approach automatically identifies issues and suggests fixes to development teams, enhancing security and minimizing vulnerabilities.

The Group's "Custom Generative AI for Enterprise" allows organizations with sensitive data to create bespoke AI assistants tailored to their unique requirements. Leveraging pre-trained open large foundation models (LFMs) and enterprise private data, these customized models optimize customer experience, R&D, support, and business functions, maximizing commercial value while safeguarding private data.

Franck Greverie, Capgemini's Chief Portfolio Officer, emphasizes that generative AI is rapidly becoming a pivotal element in digital transformation, unlocking substantial business value beyond mere productivity gains. As a trusted partner, Capgemini assists clients in defining their generative AI strategy, identifying priority use cases, and seamlessly deploying and scaling solutions.

The success of Capgemini's generative AI solutions is exemplified in their partnership with Heathrow Airport. By integrating cutting-edge eCommerce and passenger service solutions, Capgemini's Generative AI for Customer Experience is transforming the airport experience. With a focus on faster, more comprehensive, and sensitive customer care, the partnership promises to empower and delight travelers.

To maintain a competitive edge, Capgemini has established a dedicated Generative AI practice to rapidly expand its competence, solutioning, and delivery capabilities. Additionally, the Generative AI Lab enables the company to monitor technological advancements, explore relevant use cases, and collaborate with enterprises and academia.

Acknowledging the value of strategic partnerships, Capgemini has secured generative AI value chain agreements with tech giants Google Cloud and Microsoft. The company aims to equip the majority of its employees with generative AI expertise by incorporating it into its development and training programs, solidifying its position as an AI-driven market leader.

As generative AI continues to redefine possibilities, Capgemini's expertise and collaboration with industry leaders position them at the forefront of this transformative technological journey.