CI Security Partners With Phoenix 2.0 And Others To Protect Data And Fight Cybercrime

As cyber threats continue to ramp up, CI Security established partnerships with several companies earlier this month to increase the company’s range of data risk solutions.

CI Security is a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Professional Services provider. The company specializes in protecting and defending networks from cyber threats. Through their partnership with Phoenix 2.0, they will provide superior cybersecurity services to regulated industries. This announcement comes alongside CI Security’s partnership with three other computer and network security companies, Ordr, Medigate, and Cylera, through which they’ll provide improved device security and visibility.

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Phoenix 2.0 is a Managed IT Services, Managed Cybersecurity, and Strategic Technology Consulting provider. Its major strength is corporate IT infrastructure. Through their collaboration with CI Security, Phoenix 2.0 will be able to expand its cybersecurity offerings to provide CI Security’s Critical Insight MDR solutions to clients. They will also be able to make use of an outsourced Security Operations Center (SOC).

The new services Phoenix clients will be able to access include incident response, penetration testing, and risk assessments, to help them achieve compliance. Additionally, Alex Rayter, Phoenix 2.0’s Principal, says, “This perfectly positions us to help clients not only put in place Cyber Risk Management Programs, but also monitor the efficacy of those programs and risks in real-time and respond swiftly and decisively should an incident occur.” The company aims for these services to not only be effective, but economical as well.

The three other companies CI Security has partnered with are leading Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) security vendors. CI Security is working with Ordr, Medigate, and Cylera to integrate their Critical Insight MDR with the device security and visibility solutions these companies provide, to allow their security analysts to provide round-the-clock monitoring of IoT and IoMT environments. As IoMT presents a variety of difficulties that can be particularly tough to manage in keeping devices, data, and ultimately patients safe, these solutions will introduce critical tools to help IT teams better manage security risks.