ClosedLoop And Booz Allen Hamilton Form New Healthcare Tech Partnership

A new partnership between ClosedLoop and Booz Allen has recently blossomed in the pursuit of bettering the predictive analytic capabilities of multiple federal government health organizations and other clients of Booz Allen’s.

Booz Allen is known largely for its involvement in over $113 million worth of government contracts, which makes up a large majority of its business dealings. It’s new collaboration with ClosedLoop, which is a healthcare data science platform provider, comes after the companies competed with each other at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ AI Health Outcome Challenge, where 300 participants competed to secure a $1 million cash prize. After Booz Allen exited the formal competition, the firm teamed up with ClosedLoop to help it secure first place.

Now the companies hope to combine wits once again, this time in expanding the software capabilities of Booz Allen Hamilton’s platforms.

“Booz Allen, at the end of the day, they’re a system integrator, they’re a consulting firm. Their business is providing talent and resources” said Andre Eye, CEO of ClosedLoop. “For us, we look at it as we’re a technology vendor and a software vendor. We need partners like Booz Allen that can take that software, implement it, integrate it, deploy it, configure it for large enterprises and, particularly for the federal government.”

AI is different in the healthcare industry, asserted Eye. If AI software makes a prediction about a patient, there is always an intervention on behalf of the doctor who ultimately makes final decision as to whether or not that prediction will have an impact. This is why ClosedLoop is striving to bring innovation to the industry, with a new leg to stand on.

ClosedLoop is an Austin, Texas based startup that has used its AI capabilities in part to optimize revenue and help consumers avoid unnecessary costs. Its team of experts is well-versed with what it takes to provide health-focused analytics that are valuable to constituents from a software perspective.

This partnership with Booz Allen provides the startup with a valuable opportunity to grow and expand within the industry, an opportunity made possible in part by the AI Health Outcomes Challenge.