Cognizant Launches Flowsource: AI Platform That Accelerates Engineering

On February 1, 2024, global information technology services company Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. unveiled its latest offering, Flowsource, a cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence platform designed to revolutionize modern engineering practices.

Flowsource is strategically crafted to integrate seamlessly with all stages of the software development lifecycle. This innovative platform incorporates digital assets and tools, empowering cross-functional engineering teams to deliver high-quality code with increased speed, control, and transparency. It aims to streamline the development process and enhance collaboration across stakeholders and the entire development community.

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The generative AI service caters to the evolving dynamics of the market, where businesses are rapidly transforming into technology-driven enterprises. Cognizant contends that the challenges posed by emerging technologies, new competitors, and shifting customer demands necessitate a pace of change that often seems unattainable due to complexities in technology estates, fragmented engineering processes, and legacy debt.

Flowsource addresses these challenges by providing generative AI-enabled tools and process orchestration, fostering a more efficient and focused developer experience. For instance, teams can utilize self-service templates to expedite code and environment provisioning, automate testing and documentation, leverage enterprise knowledge bases for code and component reuse, and accelerate coding processes with trained copilots.

The platform not only enhances the speed of development but also provides increased transparency into the software engineering ecosystem. This transparency enables faster problem-solving, better understanding of impact, and smoother strategy delivery. Flowsource functions as an extendable platform, allowing enterprises to integrate third-party plugins to further accelerate work processes.

Prasad Sankaran, Executive Vice President of Software and Platform Engineering at Cognizant, highlighted “In the generative AI era, the pursuit of innovation is putting pressure on organizations to work faster – but working faster must be sustainable and ‘more speed’ shouldn’t mean ‘more problems’ ”. Flowsource aims to assist organizations in achieving better time-to-market for new offerings, ensuring improved scalability, and helping them stay ahead of the competition.

In essence, Cognizant's Flowsource represents a strategic move to empower businesses in navigating the challenges of modern engineering by leveraging the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence. As organizations continue to seek ways to enhance their software development processes, Flowsource stands out as a comprehensive solution to drive efficiency, transparency, and innovation across the entire development lifecycle.