Cognizant Partners with Cambridge University for Digital Transformation

IT services and consulting company Cognizant recently announced a strategic multi-year partnership with the University of Cambridge’s Press & Assessment department, a global leader in assessment, education,

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research, and academic publishing. This collaboration is aimed at driving the university’s digital transformation and harnessing the power of AI technology to enhance operational effectiveness and maintain exam results integrity.

Cambridge University Press & Assessment, an integral part of the prestigious University of Cambridge, shares a mission to contribute to society through education, learning, and  research at the highest international levels of excellence. As a world leader in assessment and academic publishing, the department brings a wealth of experience in research, education systems, and English language learning.

The multi-year contract with Cognizant is geared towards improving the university's operational efficiency, ensuring the integrity of exam results, and positioning itself competitively in the evolving education sector. The company will continue to provide application development and support services, contributing to University's depth of experience in various domains, including academic publishing, national and international education, and language learning.

The renewed partnership aims to enable Cambridge University Press & Assessment Department to deliver accurate exam results and enhanced learning outcomes to millions of learners worldwide. The collaboration will leverage generative AI technologies to drive productivity improvements and create an exceptional learning experience for students globally.

Furthermore, Rohit Gupta, UK&I Managing Director at Cognizant, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are delighted to be continuing our work with Cambridge University Press & Assessment to deliver an innovative digital approach to education." Acknowledging Cambridge's status as one of the world’s most renowned institutions, Gupta emphasized the enormous potential that cutting-edge technologies like AI hold in the education sector. The collaboration, he added, aims to positively impact millions of learners across the globe.

Mark Maddocks, Chief Information Officer at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, highlighted Cognizant's excellence in supporting the department's digital transformation. "Cognizant is an excellent provider to support us with the next phase of our digital transformation," said Maddocks. "The team have a deep understanding of our priorities and roadmap. We look forward to continuing this collaboration and strengthening our leading position as the world of education and learning changes."

As technology continues to play a pivotal role in reshaping the education landscape, the partnership between the University and the consulting company highlights the commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the learning experience for students globally.