Curant Health Partners With Benchwork Consulting Firm

BW Consulting, a management consulting branch of Benchwork, has recently announced that it will be partnering with Curant Health, an outcome-based patient support resource. Curant Health, a leading Medication Care Management provider, will use this partnership with BW Consulting, which has previously specialized in pharmaceutical launches, to improve the service offerings and prices of the company’s resources.

Curant Health has spent the last 20 years providing specialized and detailed clinical support to those ailing with chronic diseases. Curant Health’s patient outcome programs have shown very favorable results, with medication adherence increased by 53% with users, and a riveting 80% improvement in patients’ health-related quality of life.

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The company provides patients with an abundance of programs and management processes that combine pharmacist-managed medication management, medication packaging, and therapeutic monitoring services.

Thus far, the company has had a huge impact on the resultant quality of service through something it calls Patient Activation. This method of operation uses algorithms to identify the highest-impacted patients that require more medical intervention. So far, Patient Activation, which has a 98% patient retention rate, has effectively decreased medical spending by 43%, while increasing the identification of medication-related problems by 74%. Curant’s key to success includes a strong collaborative effort to intermingle healthcare providers, medication experts, and patients for the most informed outcomes available.

“Providing strategies that leverage insights from real-world patient data is a key differentiator. We believe that our new jointly-developed Model for Activation of Patients (MAP®) will be a game-changer. By leveraging Curant’s unique predictive analytic method in combination with our rare disease/gene therapy consultancy, we will be able to enhance our product-launch and in-market accelerator offerings,” said Joe Medel, Senior Vice President of BW Consulting.

BW Health Group has a long-standing history of striving for outcome-based consulting resolutions. The consultancy consists of professionals of multiple medical fields including strategists, scientists, and former biopharma brand executives. With combined experience in rare diseases, gene therapies, and biologics, the strategies put forth by BW Consulting will likely have favorable impacts on the already large-scale success that Curant Health currently exhibits.