Cyberbit Helps Prep Cybersecurity Pros To Handle Attacks

Organizations around the world are concerned about cybersecurity—and for good reason. Online breaches are on the rise, and 68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.

Unfortunately, cybersecurity teams are not always ready to face these challenges as standard training options may not truly prepare them for a real-time attack. As a leading provider of Cyber Skills Development Platforms, Cyberbit aims to provide these professionals with a single destination to gather the skills they need, then apply them in real-world scenarios. Cyberbit’s customers include leading Fortune 500 companies, MSSPs, system integrators, academies, and governments in five continents.

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Earlier this month, it launched the “Zero to Hero,” Skills Development Cloud, combining cyber labs and cyber range exercises into one platform. The offering includes hands-on cyber labs where security pros can acquire needed skills prior to practicing cyber range exercises. The labs cover defensive techniques, attacker techniques, and various security tools.

And now Cyberbit has announced a new partnership with Optiv, a security solutions integrator, to bring simulation based SOC Team training to Optiv clients throughout North America.

Through the collaboration, Optiv will offer the Cyberbit platform to train cybersecurity teams, allowing them to develop their skills in cyber labs before responding to real-world cyberattacks, simulated in a virtual SOC within the cyber range. The platform offers realistic simulation-based training, combining real-world networks, security tools, and attacks, which are simulated across the entire kill chain.

This type of training has been proven to reduce SOC response time, improve teamwork, accelerate onboarding and hiring, and address the growing cybersecurity skills gap. Cybersecurity professionals can train remotely or in an office location, and the labs and exercises are compatible with the NICE Cybersecurity Framework, allowing organizations to create their training and assessment programs to pair with industry best practices.

Adi Dar, CEO at Cyberbit said, “This partnership will allow Optiv’s global network of clients to train their SOC teams in live, simulated cyberattacks, and will help us scale, increase our reach, and achieve our mission of making simulation-based training available to every cybersecurity practitioner, anywhere.”