Cybereason Introduces MSSP Program In North America

Digital security firm Cybereason recently announced its plans to expand into the North American managed security services provider (MSSP) space. The Boston-based company offers antivirus software, endpoint detection and response, as well as managed services with an operations-centric model focused on proactively detecting and responding to malicious activity. Its customers range from private sector companies to government agencies looking to strengthen their security posture.

The company’s flexible security offering provides a unified security platform, delivering a context-rich and data-driven analysis of every element of a malicious operation. By focusing on indicators of behavior that reveal the subtle signs of an attempted attack instead of indicators of compromise that rely upon knowledge of previous attacks, the platform reveals security threats at their earliest stages by uncovering malicious human and machine activity to expose and prevent attacks before they become a full-blown security breach. Providing highly scalable coverage of up to 200,000 endpoints per assigned analyst, the defense platform also offers automated or guided single-click remediation, reducing investigation periods and dramatically increasing response times.

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“My goal is to build a stronger path to profitability for our current MSSPs and as we onboard new partners make it easy to integrate with Cybereason. With more and more security buyers across the healthcare, banking and insurance, retail and state and local government outsourcing their detection and response services, the Cybereason mission is to drive healthier margins and profits for our MSSPs. We have the platform, tools and services to give our partners a competitive advantage,” said Stephan Tallent, Cybereason’s Vice President of Managed Security Services Providers, North America.

By reducing the complexity and cost of delivery for threat detection and response services, the company will assist partner MSSPs in converting clients from an incident response model into ongoing managed detection and response engagements, enhancing partner profitability and success. The company intends to support partner MSSPs from service creation to onboarding and revenue and demand generation. By doing so, it plans to empower partners to leverage the company’s highly efficient detection and response platform, easing the integration process and enhancing ongoing cybersecurity endeavors.