Deloitte Acquires MarketRedesign, Boosts AI-Driven Pricing Capabilities

Deloitte has announced its acquisition of MarketRedesign, a Netherlands-based boutique software firm that provides clients with artificial intelligence-driven pricing insights via its AI-based dynamic pricing platform, PriceCypher.

Since its founding, the MarketRedesign team has worked to help global B2B clients increase profit margins by optimizing sales processes and pricing strategies with PriceCypher, its flagship product. The company has an ongoing collaboration with the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at Eindhoven University of Technology to combine theoretical knowledge with business applicability, in addition to its MRD Academy, where employees undergo one year of training in frontline profitability, business strategy, data science, and mathematics & computer science.

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“PriceCypher is an incredibly advanced tool, bringing together decades of pricing expertise and experience embedded in its algorithms. This smart diagnostic tool identifies improvement potential from one end of the sales process to the other. Moreover, the tool can be integrated into clients’ front-end systems and is compatible with major cloud platforms, pricing & quoting applications and CRM systems,” explained MarketRedesign founder Ruud Schmeink.

Using PriceCypher, clients are able to realize significant gains in their profit margins by leveraging AI-driven insights to help offset costs, maximize value, and lower customer churn. The platform is able to take into account the increasing complexity of globalized markets, digital sales channels, changing consumer behavior, and supply chain disruptions brought about by the ongoing global pandemic, with expanded capabilities under active development in partnership with the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Deloitte, with its global leadership in pricing consulting services, stands to boost MarketRedesign’s ability to reach and support a wider base of B2B clients, maintain the best-in-class reputation of its unique platform, and take full advantage of its position as a market leader with a unique, high-demand product. The acquisition makes a significant addition to its end-to-end pricing portfolio, which features commercial strategy, analytics, and software/cloud integration with SalesForce and AWS. By bringing MarketRedesign into the Deloitte portfolio of businesses, the firm places itself far ahead of its competitors in the pricing space.