Deloitte and Google Unveil EDGE Platform for Digital Government

Deloitte, in partnership with Google Public Sector, has introduced the Elevating Digital Government Experiences (EDGE) platform, a groundbreaking solution powered by Google Cloud generative AI. Designed to enhance government service delivery, EDGE acts as a virtual concierge, offering timely information and automating tasks to expedite service processes. Jason Salzetti, Principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP, emphasizes the platform's transformative potential in facilitating secure and efficient interactions between government agencies and constituents, driven by advanced AI models.

Google Public Sector CEO Karen Dahut underscores the significance of the EDGE platform in addressing the evolving complexities of constituent needs. Leveraging Google Cloud technology, EDGE offers intuitive conversational capabilities and multi-lingual support to adapt to various user scenarios. Through practical applications like simplifying veterans' benefit applications and streamlining business-related services, the platform aims to improve citizen engagement and deliver tangible results. With Deloitte's expertise in advisory services and Google's innovative AI capabilities, the partnership strives to revolutionize digital government experiences for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

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