Deloitte Boosts Salesforce Capabilities with Acquisition of Nubik Inc.

In early August, Deloitte Canada announced its acquisition of Montreal-based digital transformation consulting firm Nubik Inc. (Nubik) to boost its middle-market Salesforce capabilities, strengthening its presence in the sector and firming up its relationships and offerings. Nubik is the latest tech consulting firm acquired by Deloitte’s Canadian division, following its purchase of Kelowna-based technology testing and quality engineering firm Striven.

Founded in 2013, Nubik offers the only North American multi-cloud experts in Salesforce, Rootstock Cloud ERP, and FinancialForce, providing clients with industry-leading problem solving in manufacturing and distribution, professional services, and high technology. The company specializes in sales engagement, project management, supply chain, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource planning. Key clients include companies such as Canada Tire, Boston Dynamics, and The Ottawa Hospital.

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"The arrival of Nubik is sure to have an immediate impact on our clients, especially those seeking new tools and solutions to today's most pressing and complex business challenges from digital transformation to skills shortages," said Anthony Viel, Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte Canada. "Nubik's strong multi-cloud relationships, especially with Salesforce, and roster of seasoned senior professionals are going to greatly improve our ability to manage both the volume and scope of work the mid-market in Canada is demanding."

Nubik’s more than 100-person staff will join Deloitte Canada’s consulting practice in offices across Canada and North America. Several Nubik veterans will be joining Deloitte as new partners, including Camil Bourbeau, former Chief Commercial Officer, and Alexandre Boyer, former Chief Operations Officer. Alongside the partners will be new directors, Dany Jacques, former Vice President of sales, and Elie Rodrigue, co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer. Katie Bussières, former President at Nubik, will also join Deloitte.

Deloitte is leveraging two decades of knowledge and experience in Salesforce, as well as in FinancialForce and Rootstock ERP, gaining access to Nubik’s key expertise in the space, as well as its strengths in serving the needs of mid-market clients. The Big Four consultancy focuses on innovation and transformation by helping its clients imagine, then deliver through implementation to operations, providing access to a wide range of digital solutions to navigate the toughest challenges and opportunities.