Deloitte Canada Expands Sustainability Practice with Fleet Challenge Acquisition

Deloitte Canada is set to acquire Fleet Challenge Canada Inc., a prominent fleet management consulting firm, as part of its strategy to enhance leadership and capabilities in sustainability

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practices across the country. The move aligns with Deloitte's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions in fleet management, decarbonization, and electrification strategies for mid-market and large clients.

Anthony Viel, CEO of Deloitte Canada, expressed enthusiasm about welcoming Fleet Challenge into the organization. Viel highlighted the strength of Fleet Challenge's relationships, reputation, and industry knowledge, emphasizing the valuable addition the team brings to Deloitte. The acquisition aims to strengthen Deloitte's position in serving clients in the climate, sustainability, and fleet decarbonization space.

Founded in 2005, Fleet Challenge has built a strong presence in Canada, offering a range of industry data and expertise. The firm has played a pivotal role in assisting public sector and private fleets across various business categories in overcoming challenges related to finance, the environment, business structure, strategic planning, organizational efficiency, and cost competitiveness.

Fleet Challenge will be fully integrated into Deloitte's consulting practice in Canada. Roger Smith, the former president and CEO of Fleet Challenge, will join Deloitte to advise the firm on its fleet decarbonization practices. The move is expected to enhance Deloitte's capabilities in providing comprehensive sustainability solutions,  supporting Canadian fleets in optimizing operations, and achieving ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Roger Smith expressed excitement about the next chapter for Fleet Challenge, emphasizing the alignment of values with Deloitte's strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Clients are expected to benefit from a consolidated approach, combining Fleet Challenge's industry knowledge and specialized skills with Deloitte's global network and reputation.

Further, the acquisition includes the integration of Fleet Challenge's proprietary tools and databases into Deloitte, including Fleet Analytics Review (FAR). FAR is a software tool that utilizes historical operating data for predictive analysis and forecasting, streamlining fleet review processes, and supporting the path to achieving net-zero emissions.

The strategic acquisition aligns with Deloitte's vision of providing clients with innovative solutions to navigate challenges in sustainability and decarbonization. As organizations focus on achieving environmental targets, Deloitte aims to leverage the combined strengths of its team and Fleet Challenge to deliver impactful solutions and support clients on their journey toward a more sustainable future.