Deloitte Digital and Salesforce Partner to Bring AI to CRM

Deloitte Digital and Salesforce have joined forces to provide businesses with cutting-edge AI solutions for customer relationship management (CRM). This collaboration aims to offer accelerators and strategies that prioritize trust, data protection, and ethical AI practices. 

By combining Deloitte Digital's expertise in AI services, industry experience, and data protection with Salesforce's AI Cloud platform, clients can leverage generative AI-powered apps to personalize customer experiences, enhance productivity, and safeguard data.

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Trust and data protection are paramount in the AI for CRM landscape. Salesforce research reveals that 73% of employees perceive generative AI as introducing new security threats, while 60% of those planning to deploy it lack data security skills. 

Deloitte's Trustworthy AI framework, which emphasizes fairness, transparency, responsibility, robustness, privacy preservation, and safety, addresses these concerns and helps businesses incorporate AI ethically into their products and operations.

Recently, Deloitte launched its Generative AI practice, which combines premier services, AI talent, and industry experience to assist enterprise executives in developing AI strategies and innovative AI-driven products. By utilizing Deloitte's Trustworthy AI approach, companies can establish safeguards and balance ethical considerations throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The company has been a frontrunner in trust-based AI capabilities for years. Jim Rowan, Principal and U.S. Leader for Deloitte Consulting's Strategy & Analytics business, stated, "With our extended focus and collaboration with Salesforce, we can offer our clients the technical experience and industry-specific knowledge to design, develop, and deploy AI solutions that optimize CRM processes, enable personalized customer interactions, and generate actionable insights for strategic decision-making."

Through this partnership, Deloitte Digital and Salesforce provide clients with a comprehensive suite of solutions to accelerate their AI for CRM initiatives and ensure safe and secure AI implementation. These include:

AI CRM Strategies: A quantitative, research-backed trust methodology to help clients implement AI for CRM while meeting customer security, privacy, and compliance requirements and building brand equity. 

Industry-Specific AI Applications: Deloitte Digital Studios' AI-ready laboratories employ industry-specific immersive experiences to explore the potential of generative AI and accelerate adoption of Salesforce AI Cloud in the technology, healthcare, and financial services sectors.

AI Training for CRM Success: The Deloitte AI Academy aims to train 10,000 individuals worldwide in generative AI for CRM, fostering the growth of the next generation of AI talent.

Deloitte Digital assists organizations in adopting generative AI in an ethical manner, leveraging its position as the world's most trusted brand. Maximilian Schroeck, Global Chief Commercial Officer for Salesforce at Deloitte Global, expressed dedication to establishing the foundation for AI-driven transformations in CRM use cases specific to various industries.

With its global presence and extensive experience in Salesforce implementation across 40 countries, Deloitte Digital is well-equipped to support clients in scaling AI for CRM. The partnership will be further discussed at Salesforce's London World Tour on June 29, 2023.

Deloitte Digital combines consulting and creativity to tackle new challenges with innovative ideas and elevate the client experience  In a world where new problems arise rapidly, Deloitte Digital believes that creativity, purpose, and technology are crucial drivers of corporate change. The company strives to build connections across Deloitte to enhance its clients' experiences, culture, society, and the planet.

By leveraging Deloitte's Trustworthy AI framework and Salesforce's AI Cloud platform, organizations can unlock the potential of AI to deliver personalized customer experiences and drive business outcomes efficiently and securely.