Deloitte Digital Announces New ESG Offering

Nearly four years ago, Deloitte Digital set a goal to elevate the human experience. Since then, the firm has produced a number of successful offerings in the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) spaces, giving clients the power to lead the change they want to see in the world.

Deloitte Digital has announced the launch of Ethos, which is designed to bring together societal issues specialists with business leaders and executives to develop scalable programs, products, and campaigns related to global issues such as racial and gender equity, sustainability, climate change, and social justice. The new offering builds on the consulting firm’s ambitious aspiration of transforming how clients interact with the world, driving them towards building sustainable value for both themselves and society as a whole.

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By leveraging its extensive talent pool of customer strategists, designers, technologists, ethnographers, and DEI specialists, the company looks to complement its existing offerings in the ESG, DEI, purpose, and sustainability spaces through client collaboration. The overall level of demand is staggering: more than 83% of consumers expect that companies should be actively shaping ESG practices, 91% of business leaders believe that their company has a responsibility to act on global issues, and 86% of employees express a preference to support or work for companies aligned with their concerns.

"Today, employees and consumers are showing up as activists and expecting businesses to commit to and follow through on societal issues," said Stacy Kemp, principal in Deloitte Consulting and Ethos offering leader for Deloitte Digital. "Our new Ethos offering presents a gateway to CMOs, CXOs and heads of product to access Deloitte's services to help develop their customer-facing purpose agendas and actionable solutions."

The firm is already engaged with over a dozen Fortune 100 companies on projects embracing Ethos’ five core capabilities: polycultural research, brand purpose strategy, inclusive innovation, equitable experience, and sustainable design. By helping brands better understand and engage with their audiences and develop sustainable products and experiences, in addition to assisting clients in taking a leadership role on issues that can help create a more just and equitable future for the world, Deloitte is looking to make an impact that matters.