Deloitte Expands Academic Collaborations to Elevate Sustainability Literacy and Drive Innovation in Learning and Development

Deloitte, a global leader in audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services, has recently announced an expanded collaboration with prestigious academic institutions, including MIT Sloan School of Management, NYU Stern Executive Education and Center for Sustainable Business, and the latest addition, Arizona State University. This initiative aims to create an integrated learning program to enhance the skills of Deloitte professionals in guiding clients towards sustainable and impactful solutions for their businesses, people, and the planet.

With a commitment to advancing the skills of its more than 150,000 professionals in the U.S., the company continues to invest in industry-leading learning programs. This expansion of academic collaborations aligns with the organization's efforts to equip its professionals with the necessary capabilities to address the evolving demands of the market. Steve Goldbach, principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP, emphasized the importance of integrating core capabilities with innovative sustainability thinking, positioning Deloitte as a first-choice advisor on sustainability for its clients.

Deloitte's recent $1.4 billion investment in Project 120 underscores its dedication to transforming the learning and development experience. This investment focuses on reshaping how the organization designs, delivers, and experiences learning, aligning with its business transformation goals. A significant portion of this investment, $1 billion, has been allocated to enhance the company's sustainability and climate practice, emphasizing the acquisition of critical in-demand skills such as sustainability literacy and green skills.

Further, Anthony Stephan, Chief Learning Officer at Deloitte US, highlighted "It's critically important that we elevate our learning and development programs to stay ahead of the changing market, C-suite priorities and business demands.” Through strategic investments and academic collaborations, the company aims to accelerate agility and innovation in learning and development. The organization is keen on rapidly upskilling and reskilling its workforce to effectively address pressing issues like sustainability, climate, and equity.

The collaboration with academic institutions such as MIT Sloan, NYU Stern, and Arizona State University offers engaging content and programs. Deloitte's learning initiatives include a live virtual speaker series, "Sustainability Simplified," and MIT Sloan's "Sustainability Accelerator" program designed for senior business leaders. Additionally, the newly launched program in collaboration with ASU, "Sustainability Certified: Foundations for Business," provides an Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Certificate to participants completing self-paced, modular courses.

Deloitte's commitment to sustainability, climate, and equity learning and development initiatives reflects its dedication to fostering a forward-thinking workforce. With a focus on sustainability literacy and addressing climate concerns, the organization is aligning with the values of the younger workforce, as revealed in its "2023 Gen Z and Millennials" survey.

Through initiatives like the Global Sustainability Learning Week, Deloitte extends its educational efforts not only to its 457,000 employees but also to clients, suppliers, and ecosystem collaborators. This comprehensive approach aims to mobilize professionals, provide specific skill sets, and collectively address sustainability challenges. Deloitte's purpose-driven approach, backed by its industry-leading audit and advisory services, positions the organization as a key player in creating trust and confidence in a more equitable society.