Deloitte Invests in Sustainable Learning Programs to Empower Workforce and Address Climate Concerns

Deloitte, a pioneer in corporate sustainability initiatives, is prioritizing upskilling as a strategic imperative in the face of a transitioning economy. With sustainability becoming a non-negotiable aspect for achieving net-zero goals, the company has implemented a comprehensive climate learning program for its 457,000 employees, investing $1 billion in sustainability and climate practice. According to Deloitte Global's 2023 survey, 60% of US Millennials and 55% of Gen Z express concerns about climate change, emphasizing the necessity for companies to take tangible action. In response, Deloitte is not only addressing employees' expectations for sustainability literacy but also fostering skills essential for navigating the evolving landscape of a low-carbon economy.

Deloitte's commitment to continuous learning is evident in its collaboration with prestigious academic institutions, including MIT Sloan School of Management, NYU Stern Executive Education, and Arizona State University, to develop an integrated learning program, leveraging expertise to upskill Deloitte professionals. The initiative seeks to equip employees with knowledge and skills crucial for guiding clients in sustainable practices. The move reflects Deloitte's recognition that academic partnerships are pivotal for enriching learning and development capabilities, providing diverse perspectives, expert knowledge, and critical insights essential in meeting clients' sustainability expectations.

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