Deloitte Partners With Big Blue On New AI Offering

Technology giant IBM and Big Four firm Deloitte have announced the latest endeavor in a fruitful 21-year global alliance—the launch of their new AI-enabled managed analytics platform. Known as DAPPER, the joint project is intended to help enterprises speed up adoption of hybrid cloud and AI technology. By combining the Deloitte Analytics Platform with IBM’s expertise in computing, the companies are looking to provide a secure, simple-to-use managed service that businesses can leverage to more easily implement AI-driven technologies.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, businesses that use analytics to make data-driven decisions often find themselves at a significant advantage over rivals. Getting to that point, however, can take a significant amount of work and present a number of new challenges. Oftentimes a lack of expertise, coupled with insufficient trust in the data itself and an ever-present need for digital security and regulatory compliance, holds companies back from implementing AI and analytics-based computing across their business environments. DAPPER is intended to bridge those significant gaps and offer a combination of modern hybrid cloud architecture and AI technology in the form of a fully-managed analytics service with a variety of service levels and subscription models.

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The DAPPER technology itself utilises three core elements to help clients maximize the value of their data: First, a cloud-enabled analytics platform, with security and analytics backed by IBM and leveraging Deloitte’s expertise in offering streamlined administrations, operations, and maintenance. Next is access to analytics development tools and methods, providing a DevOps experience to speed delivery of new analytics products. Finally, DAPPER has a variety of subscription service offerings combining simplicity with data integrations to offer dashboards, enterprise reporting, data management, in addition to orchestration and consumption of AI resources.

Richard Houston, Senior Partner and CEO of Deloitte for North and South Europe, said, "DAPPER is built on 10 years of Deloitte's business and technology innovation. It represents another market-leading example of how Deloitte and IBM have combined technology, experience and industry knowledge to help clients turn data into insights—quickly, reliably, and repeatedly."