Deloitte Unveils Internal AI Platform ‘PairD’ for 75,000 Employees Across Europe and the Middle East

Global consulting giant Deloitte has launched an internal generative AI platform, PairD, designed to assist its workforce in Europe and the Middle East. The in-house-developed tool, created by Deloitte’s AI Institute, aims to streamline daily tasks for employees, including writing code, drafting content, and conducting research. Furthermore, PairD can generate project plans and suggest task prioritization.

The rollout of PairD commenced on December 10, 2023 with Deloitte planning to extend access to approximately 100,000 employees within the next six months. The platform reflects Deloitte's commitment to investing in long-term AI capabilities, enhancing its internal processes, and exploring the potential benefits of AI for the firm, its clients, and society at large.

Costi Perricos, the generative AI leader at Deloitte, emphasized “A key focus for employers should be on how to use these new tools safely so that they can be applied correctly and create value.” Deloitte's initiative aligns with the broader trend among professional services firms leveraging generative AI to augment employee capabilities and improve services for enterprise clients.

The firm has also taken a proactive step by providing access and training to employees at Scope, a disability equality charity, to enhance digital capabilities and promote responsible AI use. It joins other leading consulting firms like PwC, EY, and KPMG, which have deployed their own generative AI tools in various capacities.

PwC introduced its conversational generative AI assistant, ChatPwC, to employees, while EY launched as part of its $1.4 billion AI strategy investment. KPMG developed an internal generative AI tool in 2023 to reduce administrative burdens and improve audit quality.

The rising interest in generative AI is reflected in the Insight Enterprises survey from December 2023, which reported that two-thirds of business leaders have deployed private and secure generative AI tools to their workforces. Regulatory agencies are expected to continue monitoring AI claims while crafting legislation to protect consumers.

As generative AI adoption becomes more widespread, companies are urged to conduct market analysis, research, and compare offerings to ensure the right solution for their specific business problems. Maneesha Mithal, Partner of Privacy and Cybersecurity at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, advises tech leaders to understand their organization's risk tolerance when selecting a generative AI solution. This involves assessing risks, mitigation techniques, and determining the most applicable and appropriate situations for implementation.

Deloitte's PairD represents a strategic move in the evolution of workplace technology, showcasing the firm's commitment to harnessing AI to enhance employee productivity and address the evolving needs of the consulting industry.