Deloitte Welcomes 5th Cohort to Launchpad Program

Big Four firm Deloitte recently announced the latest participants in the fifth cohort of Deloitte Launchpad, an accelerator program that supports startups seeking to scale and expand their operations into the U.S. market. The firm welcomed ten new startups to the program, adding to the dozens of companies it has helped to grow during its nearly three year history.

Deloitte’s selection process for its fifth cohort required companies to have a validated product, positive growth, a plan to relocate to the U.S. on their two year roadmap, and revenues of at least $500,000. The chosen startups will receive personalized guidance from Deloitte’s U.S. and Israeli experts to help them address important topics such as building a strategy for expansion, preparing a strong foundation to relocate to America with a physical U.S.-based office, developing a strong sales infrastructure, and providing access to top-tier American venture capital funds in support of future rounds.

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The Deloitte Launchpad program began in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as an effort to assist Israeli growth-stage startups seeking to scale and expand their operations into the U.S. market. Since its launch, 33 companies have taken part in the program and have collectively raised more than half a billion dollars in funding.

“We are offering Deloitte Launchpad, not as a service, but as a specialized program for companies in their growth phase that are building their presence in the US market,” said Yair Laron, co-leader of Deloitte Catalyst TLV, Deloitte Israel’s practice for startups, in a 2021 press release. “Typically, accelerators in the market target early-stage companies. We saw a need to support and provide resources to growth-stage startups that have entirely different challenges. Our goal is to be there for founders in moments that matter. We are looking to help them accelerate their learning curve and avoid pitfalls that we see in the market and with our clients,” Laron added.

The ten startups in the cohort offer products including an AI-powered video analysis platform, an online personal data management tool, a software supply chain security solution, and a compliance platform for next-gen financial companies, among many others. The seven-week program operates on a hybrid model, offering a mix of content delivered online and in-person, including a weeklong curated roadshow in New York.