Desired IT Skill Sets Circle Back To Adaptability And Business Savvy

The modern IT professional is well-aware that success in their industry of choice is predicated on maintaining a diverse and flexible skill set. The somewhat fluid nature of what’s expected from IT service employees mirrors the short life cycle of new technologies introduced to their toolbox. Ultimately, the importance of technical expertise is slowly falling by the wayside as managers realize that the human element and basic business sense are what make an IT department truly flourish.

Chief information officers are stuck in a constant loop of evaluating (more accurately, re-evaluating) this intangible skill set that might set their organization apart from others. The enterprise is often shrouded in an atmosphere of buzzwords and indecipherable jargon, and it’s plain to see how easy it would be to lose the plot.’s 2021 State of the CIO Survey had around 70% of responding IT managers stating that they’re in the midst of this re-evaluation process. Industry leaders are adjusting their game plans to prioritize a critical assessment of ideal candidates.

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The cream of the crop will surely be data literate. Udemy for Business’ 2021 Trends Report reflects the rising need for data function and oversight proficiency. The IT training platform noted the inflated metrics of supplemental education, reporting a 1,411% increase in business intelligence course engagement for last year. Data visualization tool offerings are saturated to the point of confusion, but IT workers can pair their own methods with a general understanding of these dashboards. Aptitude in Excel, SQL, SAP, Salesforce, and other ubiquitous programming is a strong basis for data management skills. In any case, adaptability and transferable skills are what guarantees an organization a mutually-beneficial association. Those with loftier aspirations are prized if they can demonstrate versatility in their potential for growth.

Individuals working across teams to drive IT comprehension demonstrate their value and have a leg up in the recruiting process. Atera’s Chief Executive Officer, Gil Pekelman, said, "The global business community as a whole is going through a digital transformation, and team members who can assist in tackling developing, implementing and training others on these new technologies are really able to shine.” Proficiency in remote interaction ties in nicely with collaborative projects. Many companies have introduced a functional job interview process that simulates off-site teamwork. Applicants may be asked to build a case study with people they’ve never met, and on a time crunch. In a profession often satirized as cold and detached, solid relationship building skills have become a prerequisite.