Dr. Wendy Cheng Joins Leadership Team at Berkeley Research Group

Berkeley Research Group, LLC, a global consulting firm, has welcomed Dr. Wendy Cheng as a managing director of its healthcare business based in Boston. Dr. Cheng, an esteemed epidemiology expert, brings over a decade of experience advising pharmaceutical companies on data analytics for product development, regulatory approval, and market adoption.

In her new role, Dr. Cheng will specialize in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and epidemiology, assisting pharmaceutical clients in developing product differentiation and access strategies. She will employ advanced analytic methods to generate real-world evidence, addressing unmet needs, comparative effectiveness, and the long-term safety of therapeutic products. Furthermore, in cases of clinical data-related conflicts, Dr. Cheng will provide expert support and testimony.

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With a background as a vice president at a prominent healthcare consulting business, Dr. Cheng's expertise spans a wide range of areas, including natural history studies, economic and predictive modeling, real-world evidence development, surveys, individualized medicine, patient decision aids, and FDA and EMA post-approval safety studies. Her particular focus lies in uncommon and ultra-rare disorders, where she leverages machine learning techniques to detect cost clusters and predict patient prognosis and disease status.

Further, Edward Buthusiem, Managing Director of BRG Health Analytics, commended Dr. Cheng's advanced epidemiologic research methods and proficiency in utilizing machine learning tools. He emphasized her pivotal role in evaluating drug safety and her significance in the pharmaceutical research process, from drug development to clinical trials to wider release.

Throughout her career, Dr. Cheng has employed a diverse range of data sources, including clinical trials, administrative insurance claims, electronic medical records, site- and panel-based medical chart reviews, patient registries, extensive patient and physician questionnaires, and longitudinal observational studies. Her research endeavors have taken her to over 10 countries, and her findings have been published in numerous medical journals.

Prior to her tenure in healthcare consulting, Dr. Cheng served as a research scientist at Columbia University and a biostatistician for the National Institute on Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network. She holds a PhD and MPH in epidemiology from the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health.

In her statement, Dr. Cheng expressed her enthusiasm about joining BRG's healthcare practice and working alongside esteemed professionals and researchers. She looks forward to utilizing her HEOR and epidemiological expertise, coupled with advanced analytics, to support clients' products throughout their lifecycles.

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