EIS $50 Billion Contract Continues To Award Task Orders

The U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) continues to hand out task orders for its transition to Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS).

The $50 billion EIS contract is the main component of the GSA’s telecommunications portfolio and will serve as the government’s primary vehicle for services including high-speed Internet, government hosting services, security encryption protocols, and many more products and services. EIS is replacing GSA’s current Networx Universal and Enterprise contracts as well as GSA Regional Local Service Agreements for government telecommunications and infrastructure solutions.

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The Department of Homeland Security awarded a $3 million information technology task order to New York City-based MetTel, giving it real-time visibility into internet access and security across all its offices nationwide. The Internet Protocol Service-Primary Network task order requires network bandwidth capacity of up to 10 gigabits per second, managed security services, and access to a portal for monitoring performance.

“The U.S. Department of Homeland Security had stringent requirements for this internet requirement contractually managed by the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization,” Robert Dapkiewicz, General Manager of MetTel Federal, said in a statement. “MetTel was the lowest cost to the government with a fully compliant technical proposal, which is especially important because the government has an ever-growing need to secure high performing communications technology at the best price.”

This isn’t the first task order MetTel has won under the EIS Contract. Although it was the last of three small businesses cleared to deliver products and services under the EIS contract in December, it was the first to win any task orders.

In February, the Social Security Administration awarded MetTel a task order for local, long-distance, and access management with a ceiling of $253.5 million through 2032. The Department of Veterans Affairs followed with a task order for voice services with a ceiling of $127.3 million over the same period. Then two months ago, the GSA awarded MetTel two task orders worth more than $230 million in an effort to modernize its data network and voice services.

Now with this latest award, MetTel will continue to solidify itself as a leader in this area and will continue to supply the Agency with valuable services. All agencies must have their telecom inventories moved to EIS by September 30, 2022.