Ensono Acquisition Inspires Push For Cloud Service Expansion

Trying to remain accessible as a business during the pandemic has pushed many companies to adopt cloud services as a means of data storage. It is forecasted that by 2025, a majority of IT providers will have a cloud services option, as more and more customers look for cost-effective methods to find one-device access to management platforms and data storage.

One of these IT companies, Ensono, has targeted cloud services as a growth area in the coming years. In a recent survey completed by the company, it was found that 42% of customer respondents said that a major benefit of distributed cloud services is the removal of dormancy and the potential new avenues they offer.

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“Distributed cloud provides us with a window into the future of public cloud,” said Sean Roberts, General Manager of Public Cloud at Ensono. “By unmooring public cloud services from being tied to a fixed location, enterprises have the freedom to rethink the possibilities of cloud architecture, moving public cloud workloads to wherever they are needed in a business’s infrastructure.”

Time will tell how successful Ensono’s dive into immersive cloud software will be. Ensono has begun targeting growth areas after it was recently acquired by KKR, a private equity firm, for a reported $1.7 billion dollars. As a result, Wipro recently sold its stakes in Ensono to KKR for $79.2 million.

In 2018 Ensono purchased Wipro’s eight data centers for $405 million, and in return it took 10.2% of Ensono’s stake for $55 million. At the time, the companies had planned on collaborating on hybrid IT services to offer to Wipro’s entire clientele base, so the loss of this business may serve some detriment to Ensono’s current span of customers.

However, with this new acquisition, it is likely that Ensono will hyper focus on cloud expansion with a new avenue for financial resources to guide the company into the future. In time, this and other area expansions will likely be a turning point for the company in re-establishing more of its own client-base after the Wipro loss.