EPAM Reveals Plans, Tech Lineup for Mobile World Congress 2023

For more than three decades, the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain has served as a gathering for device manufacturers, wireless carriers, network equipment providers, and others in the telecommunications industry. The annual conference is a prime

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opportunity for manufacturers and developers to showcase cutting-edge technology, and EPAM, a leading global product engineering and digital transformation services company, has announced some of the new products it intends to highlight this year.

“Telco leaders are having to address a number of industry headwinds to optimize costs and drive revenue growth in an extremely challenging and competitive economic environment,” said Robert Koch, Global Head, Media and Entertainment Solution Practice at EPAM. “Consumer and enterprise demand for seamless digital experiences are putting pressure on telecommunications organizations to transform their core technology stack to improve marketing automation for personalization, leverage network intelligence for improved customer service experience and bring innovative products powered by 5G and edge compute.”

In a recent press release, the company has revealed that it will introduce “Vivien,” a new ‘digital metahuman’ powered by a combination of motion capture, 3D gaming software, and AI-enabled chatbots that will help digital businesses offer their customers personalized interactions for sales, customer service, and technical support, providing remote, life-like interactive customer engagements. EPAM will also play host to a demo showcase by Optiva Media, an EPAM Company, of a new 5G virtual reality solution for Vodafone’s Spanish market, which will feature the company’s metaverse experience platform for leading telco providers, the first open metaverse created and launched in Spain.

In addition to the exciting new technology offerings, EPAM will also host a panel of senior telecom leaders from companies like Ericsson, Three UK, Colt, and EPAM, where they will discuss overarching industry themes such as sustainability and how emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and edge computing can help telcos better monetize their investments in 5G technology. The panel, titled ‘Sustainable & Profitable Telco: An Oxymoron or Your Org’s Destiny?’ will take place at the MWL Broadcast Studio, Hall 4, on the first day of the conference.

Though the MWC lasts only three days, it will serve as an excellent opportunity for vendors, the press, and industry insiders to gain a glimpse of the future of mobile communications technology and a better understanding of how tomorrow’s tech will help drive today’s business.