Epic and Nuance Utilize Ambient Listening and GPT-4 to Save Doctors Time

In a bid to streamline healthcare workflows and reduce administrative burdens on doctors, Microsoft's speech recognition subsidiary, Nuance Communications, is partnering with Epic, a leading electronic health record (EHR) software provider. The collaboration aims to integrate Nuance's Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Express, a voice-enabled medical scribe application powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, into Epic's EHR software.

DAX Express leverages ambient AI technology to automate clinical documentation by "listening" to doctor-patient visits and generating draft clinical notes. The integration with Epic's EHR software allows clinicians to write these draft clinical notes securely and instantly from the exam room or telehealth encounters. After each patient visit, the notes can be quickly reviewed and completed, enabling clinicians to spend more time with patients and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

One of the key advantages of incorporating GPT-4 into DAX Express is its sophisticated reasoning and natural language skills. By utilizing the advanced capabilities of GPT-4, DAX Express can generate draft clinical notes in a matter of seconds, immediately after the patient visit. This enables prompt evaluation and allows clinicians to note any necessary changes swiftly.

Nuance's Dragon Medical One, which is widely used by 550,000 doctors, already employs speech recognition technology. With the addition of DAX Express, clinicians using Epic's EHR software can benefit from the combined power of ambient AI and generative AI provided by GPT-4. This integration marks a significant step forward in Nuance's efforts to alleviate the administrative burden on healthcare professionals and optimize patient care.

Meanwhile, Epic is fully embracing the potential of generative AI and has partnered with Microsoft to integrate large language model capabilities and AI into its EHR software. The collaboration involves integrating Epic's EHR software with the Azure OpenAI Service, enabling the drafting of message responses using advanced language models.

By incorporating GPT-4 and ambient AI technology into healthcare workflows, Epic and Nuance are revolutionizing clinical documentation and note-taking processes. The automation of these tasks not only saves valuable time for doctors but also enhances the accuracy and efficiency of documentation.

Ultimately, the collaboration between Epic, Microsoft, and Nuance aims to transform the way clinicians interact with EHR systems and improve the overall healthcare experience for both providers and patients.