Ernst & Young Acquires Cultural Change Firm Tao Leadership Limited

Consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) has officially acquired Tao Leadership Limited (Tao), a consultancy focused on driving rapid organizational transformation and culture change in businesses ranging from startups to global enterprises.

The acquisition, which closed on November 22nd, entails a 100% share purchase of Tao by EY Global Services Limited, with Tao’s current team transferring to EY’s People Advisory Services team.

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U.K.-based Tao Leadership was founded in 2013 by Haider Imam and has over 100,000 discrete users of its behavioral change software platform, with customers including Accenture, Sky, BCG, Allied Irish Bank, and D&G. Its platform leverages scientific behavior change to empower the most influential people in an organization along with leadership to work together in bringing about meaningful change. Tao’s approach focuses on increasing team cohesion to foster improved engagement, trust, and inclusion over an accelerated 12-week timeline. The platform is transitioning to a subscription-based model and is tracking to hit over 1,000,000 users within the next five years.

The acquisition of Tao will add three technologies to EY’s People Advisory Services team, which includes more than 15,000 people in 120 countries helping global enterprises manage people and workforce transformation initiatives. These three additions are Tao’s dynamic organization network analysis and cultural analytics visualization engine; its analytics and behavior change platform; and its mobile app that captures anonymized feedback, which can be leveraged to develop behavior-based action plans to support organizational change. All three technologies will be integrated into EY’s current slate and offered to businesses around the world in a range of sectors.

Haider Imam, Tao Founder and Director of Adventure, said, “Tao’s market-leading tools provide behavioral analytics, wide-ranging insights and data-rich visualizations to power even the most complex change programs. Combining technology, social science research and coaching is an incredibly effective methodology, and the Tao platform identifies key organizational influencers to help drive change organically, from the ground up. Tao’s approach is focused on accelerating outcomes and engineered to provide tangible business value and return on investment while putting people at the center of the change journey.”