EY Launches Edge Technologies Lab to Drive Digital Transformation in Collaboration with Industry Leaders

Global consulting firm EY has introduced EY Edge Technologies Lab, a new initiative aimed at advancing digital transformation through edge ecosystem technologies. The Lab's focus is on developing real-time industry-specific use cases and prototypes for edge-centric solutions, emphasizing optimization in speed, performance, security, reliability, and resiliency for businesses. In collaboration with EY.ai, the Lab aims to help organizations confidently adopt responsible AI and address challenges in complex environments and data systems, particularly in manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, consumer products, and utilities. EY will utilize Dell NativeEdge and collaborate with Microsoft, PTC, GE Digital, Snowflake, and others to support businesses in leveraging edge technology for operational efficiency.

The EY Edge Technologies Lab reflects the firm's commitment to providing innovative solutions, allowing leaders to explore and experiment with live data insights for substantial business growth. By bridging the gap between data transformation and management, the Lab aims to empower organizations to better understand the impact of the right edge and data strategy on the convergence of IT and operational technology. Through collaboration with technology partners, including Dell Technologies, EY seeks to offer businesses a transformative platform approach to harness the power of edge technology for achieving their objectives.

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