FTI Consulting Appoints Sumeet Kaul as Managing Director in Energy & Industrials Business Transformation Practice

FTI Consulting has named Sumeet Kaul as Managing Director in the Energy & Industrials Business Transformation practice. With 15 years of experience in deploying global supply chain solutions for manufacturing clients across North America, Latin America, and Europe, Kaul's focus will be on supporting industrial and manufacturing clients through business transformation challenges. His extensive background in manufacturing cost reduction, plant productivity improvement, and integrated business planning adds depth to FTI Consulting's capabilities.

Omar Aguilar, Leader of FTI Consulting’s Energy & Industrials Business Transformation practice, highlighted the importance of Kaul's appointment in addressing the unprecedented challenges faced by industrial and manufacturing businesses. Kaul, in his response, emphasized the significance of staying ahead of industry shifts, particularly with the rise of generative AI, and expressed enthusiasm for contributing to transformative solutions. This appointment aligns with FTI Consulting's strategic investment in Business Transformation, reinforcing its commitment to assisting clients in navigating operational and strategic challenges to enhance business performance.

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