GE HealthCare and AirStrip Forge Exclusive Partnership to Revolutionize Patient Monitoring Technology

GE HealthCare has recently announced a significant joint commercialization agreement with AirStrip, marking a strategic collaboration to distribute patient monitoring technology. The partnership,

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revealed in early December of this year, involves the exclusive distribution of AirStrip's cardiology and patient monitoring solutions in the United States by GE HealthCare.

AirStrip's patient monitoring technology is renowned for its data visualization capabilities, facilitated through a proprietary native mobile application. Clinicians can access clinical data seamlessly on mobile devices and web platforms, providing a versatile and efficient means of monitoring patient health.

Under the terms of the agreement, GE HealthCare becomes the sole distributor of AirStrip's innovative cardiac and monitoring technology in the U.S. This collaboration is aimed at streamlining and optimizing in-patient care solutions, offering healthcare systems a comprehensive package of data visualization technology.

The joint solution empowers clinicians with the ability to view patient data remotely, enabling remote collaboration and efficient management of multiple patients on a single screen by priority. The collaboration focuses on addressing current challenges in the healthcare environment, including clinician shortages and burnout, by providing a unified solution that enhances real-time and remote patient monitoring.

Catherine Estrampes, President and CEO of U.S. and Canada at GE HealthCare, expressed “We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of AirStrip’s innovative cardiac and monitoring technology,”, emphasizing the commitment to delivering world-class solutions that address the needs of clinicians. She highlighted the importance of advancing real-time and remote
patient monitoring, especially in the context of the current healthcare landscape.

Additionally, AirStrip's contributions to the collaboration include providing clinicians with one-touch access to cardiac rhythm strips and 12-lead ECGs. Clinicians can simultaneously view multiple patients, receive STEMI notifications, and communicate with care teams seamlessly. The integration of AirStrip's capabilities with GE HealthCare technology results in a tightly integrated toolset, enhancing data visualization and monitoring across ECG, cardiac output, and patient monitoring offerings.

Further, the collaboration allows healthcare systems to access GE HealthCare's Outcomes Delivery Team, providing program management support through clinical and technical implementation. This holistic approach aims to improve overall patient care by leveraging advanced data visualization and monitoring capabilities.

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, CEO of AirStrip, expressed enthusiasm for the deeper integration with GE HealthCare, emphasizing the commitment to advancing clinical surveillance through mobile and web platforms. The collaboration is poised to empower clinical teams with near real-time access to clinical and vital signs information, addressing constraints on clinical resources and enhancing overall user experiences for clinicians.

As GE HealthCare and AirStrip deepen their collaboration, the joint solution is positioned to play a crucial role in shaping the future of patient monitoring and healthcare delivery.