GE Healthcare And Minerva Imaging Announce Theranostics Partnership

The side effects of traditional cancer treatments can have significant effects on the quality of life of both patients and their support networks. While traditional treatments are broadly targeted and as a result broadly forceful, new forms of treatment are working to reduce the overall impact on the body, speeding recovery times and improving patient outcomes. With recent years showing strong growth in new forms of treatment, two healthcare companies have recently announced a strategic partnership to accelerate time-to-market in the field of radionuclide therapy, a form of precision medicine specifically targeted at cancer cells.

The partnership between GE Healthcare and Minerva Imaging is intended to facilitate the latter’s growth plans by establishing the capacity to produce isotopes and CDMO services for radiopharmaceuticals in-house. Minerva Imaging will utilize GE Healthcare’s cutting-edge technology, including cyclotron particle accelerators, to optimize new radiopharmaceuticals. The company will additionally expand its ongoing research and development footprint by 50% with the opening of a new facility in 2022, giving the company the extra capacity needed to meet growing demand in the sector.

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According to Simon McGuire, Northern Europe Regional General Manager at GE Healthcare, "Minerva Imaging could with this expansion become an important player in clinical development of life-saving medicines. GE Healthcare has, for many years, through our Imaging and Pharmaceutical Diagnostics businesses, been building technology and radiopharmaceuticals that help enable precision health. Now, together with Minerva Imaging, we have the opportunity to further accelerate efforts in this space."

GE Healthcare will provide additional support to Minerva Imaging by assisting the set up of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) production in its new facility, ensuring high-quality products for its clients and supporting improved outcomes for patients. The two companies will work together to innovate new manufacturing protocols for radioisotopes by sharing knowledge and technical expertise.

With cancer as a leading cause of death in the U.S., the need for new and improved treatments is greater than ever. This latest partnership between two industry-leading healthcare companies is a strongly positive indication of a move to less invasive, less debilitating cancer treatments for current and future patients.