Godspeed Capital Invests in Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering for Transportation Expansion

Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering (ICE), a prominent transportation consulting and engineering firm specializing in the Southeastern United States, has secured a strategic investment from Godspeed Capital Management LP, a lower middle-market private equity

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firm with a focus on Defense & Government services and technology. This investment will propel ICE into a new phase of growth, establishing the company as a leading platform brand in transportation-focused engineering and consulting services within the Southeastern U.S. market.

With ICE's established reputation as a premier transportation design partner and its extensive experience across various transportation verticals, the partnership with Godspeed Capital aims to leverage the firm's expertise to accelerate growth initiatives. Led by ICE's seasoned management team, including President & CEO Elham Farzam, the collaboration will focus on expanding its geographic footprint, forging strategic relationships, and broadening service offerings through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Godspeed Capital's investment signifies confidence in ICE's capabilities and its potential to become a premier partner for municipal, state, and federal transportation clients in the region.

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