Grant Thornton UK Commits to Supporting Armed Forces Community

In a commendable move towards recognizing and honoring the contributions of military personnel, Grant Thornton UK has reaffirmed its commitment by signing the Armed Forces Covenant. This vow signifies a resolute promise to support British service members, reservists, veterans, cadets, and military families.

The essence of the Armed Forces Covenant lies in the principle that those who serve in the military, be it in the army, air force, or navy, should be treated with fairness and respect in all facets of society. Grant Thornton's pledge encompasses a wide range of crucial areas, including education, family wellbeing, housing, professional advancement, financial assistance, and mental health support. This holistic approach underlines their dedication to the wellbeing and prosperity of the armed forces community.

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By endorsing the covenant, Grant Thornton solidifies its position as an organization that values and supports its employees with military backgrounds. It ensures that those who have served are not at a disadvantage, and it empowers them to leverage their unique experiences for the benefit of both the firm's staff and its clients.

Will McWilliams, the Head of Public Services at Grant Thornton UK, emphasized the significance of acknowledging the sacrifices made by military personnel. He highlighted that regular and reserve military members, along with their families, should not face any form of disadvantage in their civilian lives. This commitment reflects Grant Thornton's deep-seated belief in equal opportunities and fair treatment for all.

Under the covenant, Grant Thornton will actively support employees who choose to join the reserve forces. The company also aims to actively recruit active and former military members, recognizing the invaluable skills and perspectives they bring to the workforce. This proactive approach not only strengthens the company's commitment to the armed forces but also enriches its talent pool with diverse and experienced individuals.

By making this gesture, Grant Thornton UK sets a good example for businesses everywhere and exemplifies the benefits of upholding the values outlined in the Armed Forces Covenant. As part of a global network with a vast presence, encompassing 62,000 employees across 140 countries, Grant Thornton UK's commitment resonates on a global scale.

In joining the ranks of other consulting firms that have pledged their support, Grant Thornton UK showcases a collective dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for military personnel and their families. This collective effort underscores the industry's recognition of the value that military experience brings to the workforce.

By pledging to uphold the principles of fairness and respect, Grant Thornton UK not only strengthens its reputation as an armed-forces-friendly organization but also sets a powerful example for businesses worldwide. Through this covenant, they not only honor the past sacrifices of military personnel but also actively contribute to their future success and wellbeing.