Healthcare Innovation Centers Transform Patient Care and Operations

UC San Diego Health’s Jacobs Center for Health Innovation (JCHI) is revolutionizing patient care through advanced technologies. Launched in 2021, JCHI has implemented an AI sepsis prediction algorithm, reducing sepsis deaths by 17% in its emergency departments. The center also introduced an at-home patient monitoring program and is developing a command center to enhance care coordination at its Jacobs Medical Center. Executive Director Dr. Christopher Longhurst emphasizes JCHI's mission to scale innovations, including AI projects to improve patient care. The center leverages a hybrid cloud infrastructure with AWS and on-premises systems, facilitating seamless data integration for rapid application deployment.

Innovation centers are becoming pivotal in healthcare across the U.S. Emory Healthcare’s innovation hub, established in 2018, collaborates with tech companies to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. Notable projects include a 5G network for advanced medical applications and AI tools for diagnostics and telehealth. MaineHealth’s Innovation Center, founded in 2020, supports employee-driven projects to improve care and operations. Funded initiatives range from AR training for neonatal resuscitation to AI-powered retina screening. These centers foster a culture of innovation, addressing critical healthcare challenges and improving outcomes through cutting-edge technology.

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