HealthVerity Partnerships Aim To Boost Healthcare Data Sharing

The spread of COVID-19 has placed a spotlight on the importance of healthcare providers needing to share real time data in a timely and safe manner. Yet the pandemic also showed that there are severe limitations in that exchange, especially in the United States.

“Because we don't have a centralized healthcare system in this country, we also don't have centralized healthcare data,” said Melissa Haendel, PhD and Associate Professor of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology at the Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine.

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As a result, companies are joining forces to make data sharing easier. Just last week, HealthVerity, a leader in privacy-protected data exchange, revealed that it is partnering with Medidata, a global leader in creating end-to-end solutions to support the entire clinical development process, to drive better patient outcomes in ongoing and prospective clinical trials, as well as deliver effectiveness and safety evidence beyond those trials. This collaboration builds on the application of HealthVerity Census, the industry's only real-time patient identity resolution technology.

The news follows the announcement that HealthVerity was also joining the INTIENT Network ecosystem, which is designed to help independent software vendors (ISV) and life sciences companies collaborate more effectively. Members of the INTIENT network utilize artificial intelligence and advanced analytics so they can provide insights that lead to better patient outcomes.

HealthVerity's technology will give life sciences and healthcare companies on the INTIENT platform the ability to accurately de-identify and match their own proprietary data on-demand, as well offer clients the ability to run HIPAA-compliant analytics on combinations of healthcare data and consumer data.

In addition, INTIENT clients will have access to the HealthVerity Marketplace, which is comprised of more than 330 million patients and 150 billion transactions—making it the largest healthcare data ecosystem in the U.S. Companies can use the marketplace to discover and license healthcare and consumer data for immediate delivery through the platform.

Andrew Goldberg, COO of HealthVerity said, "By combining data that had not been combined before, we are offering INTIENT clients an opportunity to glean new insights and we're excited to collaborate with Accenture to see this concept come to life.”