HTF MI Research: Global Financial Services Consulting Market Set to Boom

In spite of an unprecedented spate of strategic challenges within and outside the industry, the global financial services consulting market is set to boom, according to a new market report by HTF MI Research (HTF MI).

The report, which evaluates market size, trend, and forecast to 2029, covers significant research data and provides a deeper understanding of growth drivers, market trends, opportunities, and upcoming challenges the industry stands to face over the coming years. Financial services firms are facing unique challenges due to demographic shifts, social change, and the emergence of new fintech that democratizes access to services, resulting in a move away from product-centric approaches toward a more customer-centric model. This level of disruption is leading to a unique opportunity for the financial services consulting market to provide key advisory services during a tumultuous time for the industry.

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HTF MI’s research explores the impact of market trends such as the emergence of artificial intelligence along with market drivers like a tightening regulatory environment, a sharper focus on customer experience, and the rapid worldwide growth of the financial services industry. Key players such as EY and Deloitte have been evaluated, with the report offering market breakdowns by applications such as banking and insurance, along with breakdowns by types, such as accounting advisory and risk management.

The global market also presents unique regional opportunities for consultants, with the rapid growth of the financial services sector in the Asia Pacific region presenting potentially lucrative opportunities to provide advisory services to a wide range of businesses, from traditional institutions to disruptive startups on the bleeding edge. The report also highlights information regarding growth patterns and current and future trends, and offers business strategies focused on helping stakeholders make sound decisions over the forecast years.

With the global financial services market facing a rising tide of growth and change, all industry stakeholders stand to benefit from the deep insights provided by HTF MI’s report on the market’s current state and its potential heading into the future.