Huron Expands Philanthropic Services with Acquisition of GG+A

Global professional services firm Huron has announced its agreement to acquire GG+A, a renowned philanthropic management consulting firm specializing in supporting educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits in building and enhancing their philanthropic programs. With a focus on successful fundraising programs, the acquisition aims to enable organizations to achieve strategic objectives and broaden their impact. Huron's CEO and President, Mark Hussey, emphasized the synergy between Huron's client relationships and digital capabilities and GG+A's expertise in advancement consulting. This collaboration is expected to provide clients with a robust, data-informed strategy throughout the donor journey, contributing to the growth and sustainability of institutional programs.

GG+A, founded in 1961, brings over 6 decades of experience in collaborating with global clients to develop sustainable, high-performing philanthropic programs. The acquisition will see approximately 100 members of the GG+A team joining Huron, strengthening its Education operating segment. John Glier, CEO of GG+A for the past 30 years, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the alignment of GG+A's extensive experience with Huron's global reach and digital resources. The acquisition, set to close in March 2024, underscores Huron's commitment to empowering organizations through sound strategies, operational optimization, and digital transformation to achieve sustainable results.

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