IBM Consulting and Palo Alto Networks Forge Strategic Alliance to Navigate Evolving Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

Recently, IBM Consulting and Palo Alto Networks announced an expansion of their strategic partnership, aiming to bolster clients' end-to-end security postures and address evolving security threats. As part of this collaboration, Palo Alto Networks, a renowned global cybersecurity leader, will join an exclusive group of strategic partners with IBM Consulting becoming a premier security services partner for Palo Alto Networks.

The significance of this partnership lies in the crucial role cybersecurity plays in the modern business landscape, where cloud, data, and technology are the lifeblood of most organizations. Mohamad Ali, Chief Operating Officer of IBM Consulting, emphasized the existential risk posed by cybersecurity threats, highlighting the need for collaborative efforts. “By bringing together best-of-breed AI, security technology, and consulting expertise from both companies, we can help clients create a strong security program that can adapt and scale with future threats."

BJ Jenkins, President of Palo Alto Networks said, “We are thrilled to expand our longstanding partnership with IBM to help our joint clients mitigate risk and protect critical data assets with industry-leading, AI-powered solutions, cloud security, and services."
The collaboration will focus on two key areas: modernizing security operations and securing cloud transformations. The companies plan to offer enhanced security solutions delivered by IBM Consulting Cybersecurity Services, integrating Palo Alto Networks' cutting-edge security technologies. This collaboration aims to help organizations stay ahead of the accelerating pace and scale of cyber threats through

One notable offering resulting from this collaboration is the combination of IBM Consulting Cybersecurity Services expertise with Palo Alto Networks Cortex platform. This solution will provide clients with autonomous and advanced managed security operations, leveraging advanced AI and automation from both companies. The joint offering will enable 24x7 monitoring, investigation, and automated remediation of security alerts, emphasizing continuous improvement in cyber threat intelligence, threat hunting capabilities, and cyber risk reduction.

Furthermore, the partnership will accelerate clients' cloud journey by combining Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks with IBM Consulting services. This collaboration will provide a range of customized services, including holistic security posture assessment, secure application development, implementation, and ongoing protection and investigation services.

IBM Consulting's extensive experience and commitment to helping clients in over 175 countries capitalize on insights from their data align seamlessly with Palo Alto Networks' position as a global cybersecurity leader. Palo Alto Networks, with its next-gen cybersecurity platforms and services, is committed to innovating to outpace cyber threats and providing top-notch cybersecurity solutions to thousands of customers globally.

As both the companies join forces, their collaborative efforts underscore the importance of industry leaders working together to create robust security programs capable of adapting and scaling with future threats. This partnership represents a significant step towards enhancing the cybersecurity landscape, offering clients the confidence to navigate the evolving challenges of the digital era.