ICF Acquires ESAC, Seeks Expansion Of Federal Health Technology Solutions

Global consulting and digital services provider ICF has acquired Enterprise Science and Computing. ESAC is a leading specialized provider of research data management, bioinformatics solutions, and advanced health analytics for U.S. federal health agencies as well as commercial and academic clients.

ICF was founded in 1969 by a former Tuskegee Airman and three U.S. Department of Defense analysts as the Inner City Fund, a group focused on financing minority-owned businesses in Washington, D.C. The company diversified into consulting in 1972, changing its name to ICF Incorporated, and rapidly grew into a leading consulting firm that partnered with top U.S. government agencies to provide policy economics and strategy services.

Rockville, Maryland-based ESAC was established in 2006 to provide IT solutions to life sciences companies, and today offers a full suite of IT services in addition to its advanced technological and scientific expertise. The firm employs a staff of bioinformaticians, computer scientists, and software engineers in addition to subject matter experts in physical sciences, geonomics, proteomics, and related fields.

ESAC has worked in cooperation with agencies such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Food and Drug Administration, and others to enable interoperability between disparate health IT systems, expand the functionality of health data, and grow the implementation of electronic clinical quality measurement standards for healthcare.

"Federal health agencies are under increased pressure to better address the surge in health data and data complexity, stronger mandates for standards adoption, the need for better information sharing and interoperability and more," said Anand Basu, President of ESAC. "Pairing ICF's longstanding health and social program services with our complex health technology solutions and applied understanding of genomics, proteomics and physical sciences will offer federal health agencies the interdisciplinary partners they need to improve health outcomes."

While the terms of the deal were not made public, both companies have a strong focus on making a positive impact upon the world, and this latest acquisition looks to position the 40-person ESAC team to grow their capabilities and expand their focus—and impact—into greater realms.