ICF & Google Cloud Partner to Serve the Public Sector

In a May 31st announcement, public sector consulting and digital services provider ICF announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to expand its cloud and analytics offerings to public sector organizations.

"As organizations across the public sector execute on their digital transformation strategies, there is an increased need for technology partners and solutions that seamlessly support these transformation goals," said Lesta Brady, Director of Federal Sales for Google Cloud. "We're pleased to partner with ICF and continue helping customers across the public sector with the solutions and expertise they need to move into the next stage of their digital transformation journeys.”

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The new partnership is an expansion of ICF’s digital and partnership ecosystem that is helping drive the digital transformation of federal clients such as the National Cancer Institute. The combination of ICF’s technology consulting expertise with Google’s cloud capabilities will help the firm rapidly deploy new multi-cloud solutions that will support critical missions as well as increase operational efficiency.

ICF partners with a variety of cloud services providers such as AWS, ServiceNow, and Adobe. It won Federal Partner of the Year from ServiceNow in 2021, having completed more than 250 deployments of its digital workflow automation technology and meeting criteria such as revenue performance, product line expansion, and business innovation initiatives.

According to a Government Accountability Office report, the U.S. government spends over $100 billion per year on information technology, much of which is used to operate and maintain existing systems, with legacy systems accounting for 60% of spending. Many federal agencies are operating legacy systems; the 10 most critical systems at agencies such as the Departments of Defense and the Treasury are between eight and 51 years old, and some agencies lack documented plans to modernize at all. Roughly 13% of funding is used for IT modernization.

The adoption of cloud services by the public sector is driving a new era of innovation and transformation, as local, state, and federal governments continue a push to modernize systems and replace aging information technology infrastructure. By increasing its cloud offerings to the public sector, ICF will help continue the push to update systems that underpin critical government infrastructure, reducing costs and helping to secure crucial systems and services.